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Why work with Fordway?

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 19, 2018 4:29:55 PM / by Caroline Houlden

What we purport to do on the surface is the exactly the same as myriad other competitors do. We’re in the IT business. It is sophisticated and complicated and most importantly what your information technology does is that it runs the key business and operational processes that run your business.

So how can we help you do that better? The first thing is you’ve got to have a solid platform to run those services on. These days you have a myriad of options. You can choose to continue to run services in-house. You can migrate and run them off the public cloud. Or you can potentially give them to someone else to run and make them somebody else’s problem in return for an SLA. Realistically, we don’t care! We believe that all of those options are valid and it is really how you and your organisation need to run and what is the most important decision.

But how Fordway really help you is get to that that better result faster. So we run a process which differentiates us, which effectively takes you through that journey to ensure your realise the benefits from making that change.


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The first stage we’ve got to get right is engagement. Does it feel right for both parties. There is very little point in working with somebody if you don’t share common values and you don’t have the same aspirations. And also can we usefully help? Is it something that we can bring experience and expertise to assist you to get that better result faster?

The second stage once we’ve agreed that this looks like a good thing and we can usefully help. The key stage is the Analysis stage. If you are changing fundamental business operations and processes, it means you are actually looking at the core of your business. That brings disruption, risk and obviously cost but in most cases you are looking to receive a benefit from that change. If we can understand what you are doing now and why, and then bring experience of 1000’s of comparable engagements to that with the expertise and the capabilities of the staff who have been here, seen it, done it and helped deliver the right results for many other organisations, then that provides the value. That says OK is there a different way of doing it? Are there alternative vendors we should be looking at? Are there different technologies or ways of implementing those technologies which might help, reduce costs, improve capabilities, include resilience, include security?

Once we have done that we then look to present an option analysis which might suggest three or four different ways of doing it, let’s work with you to refine that into the final very best option for your organisation.

Following, once we have agreed we would then look to help provide the business case that can then be signed off. Once that has been approved we are then there to help you with realising and actually achieving the required benefits of it.

The first phase of that is to look at how we plan to implement whatever change this is with the maximum utility and the minimum disruption and risk to your organisation.

Through that process we want to work through understanding whether you want us to help your team deliver it or whether you just literally want to outsource the change and give it to us. Following from there once we’ve understood how we are going to deliver that change we have the expertise to help you come and deliver that change because most of our customers this change they are going to do fairly infrequently they are going to do it once and they need to do it right.

We will help over 150 to 200 organisations this year with difficult, complex transformation and change. So we will work alongside you, first of all to help implement the change and then the most important part of any change, (you’re only doing this because it is going to help you run your business better, make money, reduce costs, whatever the outcomes we’re looking for,) we have to achieve those outcomes!

Maybe we can help you support an in-house service better. It may be that we can take responsibility for looking after key parts and key aspects of your service that you choose not to or are not capable of delivering effectively yourselves. It may be that you decide you do want to run your IT service and give us responsibility for running that service and delivering back to an SLA. It doesn’t particularly matter which option it is provided we’re providing useful assistance and value to help your organisation achieve its business goals!

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