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Feeling haunted by technical debt?

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 29, 2020 2:49:04 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in legacy, IT Strategy, technical debt

Technical debt is a common problem. It isn’t a question of using the latest version of a desktop operating system, but rather the gradual building up IT problems that will come back and haunt organisations in the future.

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Be a hero with our seven principles for effective Azure cost management!

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 16, 2020 1:45:00 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Cloud Shock, Azure

After migrating your IT services to the Cloud, it is easy to assume that you are getting value for money. However, needs change and vendor offers are continually evolving. With the pressure on organisations to reduce expenditure, now is a good time to review your cloud implementation for opportunities to reduce costs.

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“If we’re doing a good job, we go unnoticed” - Introducing Tim Waller

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 8, 2020 1:37:58 PM / by Caroline Houlden

What do you do at Fordway?

I’m part of our service operations team, where I’m responsible for service continuity. My team are the people who work evenings and weekends providing 24x7 support for our customers. There are six of us in total. I’m the one who’s less of a vampire as I’m actually at work during the day!

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5 tips to help you roll-out remote working without the headaches.

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 19, 2020 9:22:50 AM / by Caroline Houlden

With the immense pressure for organisations to get remote working services up and working many SaaS providers are offering free trials which are very tempting. Whilst these services may seem to offer a convenient short-term fix, they could have implications for your governance and compliance.

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How to realise the business benefits of public cloud in Azure.

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 26, 2020 4:21:55 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Azure

As enterprise adoption of public cloud increases, accessing the resources and expertise to handle architecture design, security and operations can be daunting. Once live, many organisations experience problems and discover that they aren’t making the cost-savings they anticipated or experience issues such as latency. Optimising cloud post-migration can be complex and costly, so it is crucial  to take time to plan and architect for the desired outcome.

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In security, attack is the best form of defence

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 19, 2020 10:25:45 AM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Cloud Security

The recent ransomware attack on Travelex is a salutary reminder of the constant security threat we all face. While we don’t know whether or not a ransom was paid in this case, it’s widely understood that some organisations have been willing to pay several times to have their data restored.

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Three things to remember on your cloud journey

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 10, 2019 12:26:12 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Strategy

Businesses are under more pressure than ever before to harness digital technologies to deliver competitive advantage and growth. The drive for lower costs, faster services, rapid and continuous improvement are just some of the benefits expected from cloud transformation projects and IT investment.

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Creating a Cyber Security Culture That Works

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 5, 2019 11:37:33 AM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Security, Cloud Security

With new cyber threats constantly emerging, we’re often asked for advice on how to stay one step ahead of the hackers and cyber criminals. A good first step is to review your organisation’s cyber security against five key controls set out in the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials scheme (see our recent blog), and it’s also vital to ensure that everyone in your organisation is prepared in case the worst happens. 

Find out how you can benchmark your IT security

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Five steps to enterprise security

[fa icon="calendar'] May 22, 2019 2:51:39 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Security, Ransomeware, incident response, CISO, Security, Ransomware, Cloud Security


If you were looking for help to improve your business’s cyber security, a good place to start would be the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, whose role is to keep the country secure against cyber attacks. So when they provide free advice, you’d expect most businesses to be rushing to implement it. However, you’d be wrong. The NCSC has developed a security tool to help organisations protect themselves against the most common cyber threats, but although it’s been available for almost five years, less than ten per cent of UK businesses have implemented it.

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Successful Migration to Azure

[fa icon="calendar'] May 13, 2019 3:09:12 PM / by Caroline Houlden posted in Insider, Cloud, enterprise cloud, IT Transformation, Cloud migration, Azure

Azure can bring the benefits of productivity, agility and decreased costs to your organisation, but like many things, realising the dream relies upon the preparation before you take the leap. Learn how to rehost and refactor for the cloud.

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